Packed & Ready

It's that time of year again. Most everyone has a summer getaway planned. Whether you are headed to the beach or Disney World or somewhere in between, we have just what you need to make packing easy. We have chosen our three favorites and have shown you exactly how to pack them.

Our first vacay favorite is our newest white romper. We know most people that go to the beach pack something all white for family photos. This little romper has an elastic waist band to ensure comfortable fit. It's also perfect for a night out with a camel wedge, and of course, you can't forget the oh so trendy straw bag.

I know when I go on vacation, I always like to pack a little something different that I may not wear back home. We have selected the red and white flouncy polka dot shorts paired with our breezy white top. A cool, crisp white blouse is a must have for your all the time wardrobe anyway. We finished it off with a simple white sandal.

When traveling, everyone wants to be comfortable. If you are like us though, you still want to be cute. It's also perfect for a night out to dinner while on vacation and for the cooler beach evenings. It's the ultimate lounging two piece set, and it is a total must have. We paired it with our favorite black slides.

If you headed out on vacation, hanging out at the ball field, or staying home for the summer, we have all of the perfect looks for your summer collection. Come see us or shop our new arrivals online-->

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