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How All of the Fashion Bloggers Wear Their Scarves

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Oh, the versatility of the scarf. It's the ultimate summer accessory, and all of the fashion bloggers are wearing them. We are here to give you the insight on how to pull off the summer scarf. 


1. on the handbag: Are you feeling like your plain jane bag needs a little facelift? Make it easy and add a scarf. We love a fun, colorful scarf tied around the handle of your favorite handbag. It doesn't matter if it is big or small, leather or straw, the scarf adds a pop of color, sass, and is right on trend.

2. around the neck: It's the simplest way to add a little something extra to your outfit. We love to add a little something extra to a simple top or dress. Don't be scared to mix that polka dot scarf with a different print too. The scarf can be tied in a bow or we prefer the knot. It can be turned to the side of the neck or make a statement in the middle. Your options are endless.

3. as a top: This one is for the bold. To change things up a bit, you can tie the scarf around your chest and wear it as a strapless top. It's super cute and easy for summer.

 4. in the hair: We like to save the best for last. This one is by far our favorite. If you love throwing your hair on top of you head in a loose top knot, wrap your scarf around your bun. We also love a bohemian look. Wrap the scarf around your head like a headband. 



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